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11 Reasons Why A Website Is Important For Small Business

why a website is important for small business

What is the importance of a small business website? Well, for many small business owners, a website may sound expensive and complicated. However, your business needs to have a presence online as this is where the majority of your potential clients do a lot of their research when looking for products or services. Without a website, your small business will struggle to keep up – particularly if your competitors are online. In this article, we will look closely at why a business needs a website.

Why Small Businesses Need A Website

There are several reasons why a website is important for small businesses. They include the following:

Increase Exposure

This is probably one of the most important reasons for small businesses to have a website. It exposes your business or service to a much larger audience than just a brick-and-mortar storefront location. Plus, when you consider that an ever-increasing number of shoppers make purchases online, that is a large number of potential customers a website will give you access to.

Increase Trust

Online users these days turn to businesses with websites and find it difficult to place as much trust in those without one. Plus, to the average website visitor, the fact that you have a website says it’s more likely that you operate a legitimate business and that you are open to new business. Having a website says a lot about you.

Proves Your Existence

A website tells potential customers that your business or service is available. Without a website, your business is much like having an unlisted phone number – difficult to reach and determine if you are still in business. With local SEO (search engine optimisation), it helps your website to gain exposure through search engines which give potential customers more confidence to use your products and services.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Although your storefront may only be open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM, your website is marketing your business or service 24/7/365. Paying someone to contact all of your customers daily to tell them this is not feasible. The cost of setting up your website and ongoing maintenance costs are minor when you factor in the sales that the ongoing exposure generates daily.

Builds Brand Credibility

Your business or service brand is important. It is what sets you apart from your competitors and makes it easy for people to remember who you are. A website works to give your brand added credibility that cannot be built as quickly without one. With brand credibility, potential customers will look to your service rather than your competitors even though they may provide the same service.

Gives People Your Contact Information

why small businesses need a website

Remember when the most important way to share your contact information with a customer was with a business card? Well, in today’s world of technology, to a large degree, the website has replaced business cards. For potential new customers to find out how to reach you after visiting your website, you must have your contact details posted and easy to find.

Describes Your Business

A website does a lot of the selling of your business to potential customers, so you don’t have to. It outlines what your business does, the services it provides, the products it makes or sells, the history of your business, how it fits into the local business community, local initiatives you are part of and so much more. A user should learn all they need to know about you from your site.

Move Visitors Around

When a website visitor lands on a page on your site, you will want them to be able to move around within your website to discover other things about your business. A website lets you direct traffic with navigation tools. Plus, if you have social media feeds that offer different content from your business, you can easily share this information or send them to those places as well.

eCommerce Functionality

Your website can include eCommerce functionality. This means that customers who are seeking your products or services at any time of the day or night can purchase them without the need of a physical storefront or salespeople. The best part of this is that these customers can live anywhere around the country or world and generate revenue that you would never have been able to before without a website.

Answer Questions

Instead of customers having to phone you to find out specific things about your business, products, or services, the content on your website should be detailed enough to provide answers to your customers’ most frequently asked questions. To assist with this, you can add a FAQ page to your website that lists common questions along with the answers. This clears up a lot of possible misunderstandings and saves you time answering phone calls and asking the same questions over and over.

Bring You Leads

A website is a lot like a giant net used for fishing. It can capture a lot of visitors and out of those visitors, there should be some potential leads. With clear and concise calls to action, those visitors with even a slight interest in what you are offering should reach out to find out more. These leads are generated when you are busy, not at work, or sleeping.

In Conclusion

Now you know why a website is important for small businesses. Essentially, with the technology available to us these days, a website is one of the most effective ways to reach a customer base that may otherwise not know you are in business. The importance of a website for small businesses goes beyond being simply a glossy brochure for your business, rather it becomes a vital part of your business operation.

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