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Our Website Design and Development Process

Regardless of the type or size of your project, it’s good to know what the process will be.

Below is an example of the workflow process for a new website.

Initial Consultation Session

The first step in the process is to delve into what you really want to achieve with your website, and why. We will ask quite a few questions over the phone and via a questionnaire to get the best understanding of your business and requirements, so that we can provide you with the best solution.

Proposal Production and Quote

After discussing your needs, we will put together a proposal, which thoroughly outlines the solution which will best fit your requirements. If agreed, we will require a 50% deposit before starting work.

Design & Review

Using the information provided in the questionnaire and from discussions, we will provide a mock-up of your new site, so that you can visualise the final solution. This makes it easier for you to provide any feedback required, so that we can make sure that we are all on the same page.

Development Phase

This is where we begin to build the final site, based on the mock-up and other information and content provided. We make sure that everything is tested and fully functional before final deployment.

Final Review

Once we are happy with the development and are ready to show you your new site, we will ask you to review and thoroughly test the site and provide any feedback. Anything broken or fine-tuning required can be noted here, and we can investigate and rectify.

Transfer to Client Hosting

If the site has been built on our hosting (this might be the case if you were upgrading an existing site, as we would leave your old site up until the last moment), we will then transfer the new site onto your existing hosting (at this time, your old site will not be visible any more). When complete, your new site is available for the world to see.

Handover of New Website, and Client Training

We will provide you with the credentials to access your site, as well as provide you with training if required so that you can manage the site yourself. If you would prefer to have us manage the maintenance for you, we have a number of plans available to help after launching.

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