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How Important Is It To Have A Google Business Page?

Google Business Page small business website Sydney

A Google Business Page is essential for every small business as it helps customers locate you.

Even with a dynamite website, it is important to have a Google business page. The Google My Business page, formerly known as Google Places, can have an incredible impact on the success of your business. It is becoming commonplace for websites to be linked to a business page in order to provide additional information, and even special offers, to potential customers.

An important part about having your business listed on a Google My Business page comes from the increased usage of mobile devices. Phone books are a modern day dinosaur to today’s consumer. With a smartphone in hand, it is much easier to Google a business than to flip through pages and pages in a printed directory.

Once your Google Business page is located, it should provide all the pertinent information a customer requires with a link to your website for more details. This activity alone can boost your website traffic as your Google My Business page will introduce new visitors to your site. This adds to your credibility and also your online presence, increasing your reach on the internet.

Connecting Your Online Marketing Strategy

Often when a person searches online for a business, it is simply to find where that business is located. This results in traffic through the front door of your business, but without a Google business page listing, or an outdated or incomplete one, you may lose business or even worse, send business to your competition. That is why it is essential to have an up-to-date, complete business page that refers customers to your website for more information.

Simply put, your Google My Business page will connect you to new and existing customers in ways you may not currently be using. With more and more people researching the products and services of local businesses before they make a purchase or visit the premises, this is reason enough to claim your Google Places page.

But What Does That Really Mean?

Google Business listings often appear very high up in the Google search. With such a high percentage of searches coming from those seeking location specific information, you need to have a business page. Without one, potential customers can easily overlook your business in preference for another that has taken the time to claim and set up their page properly. To be competitive, claim and set up your Google My Business page, so it can act as your first point of contact.

You can even use it as an online marketing tool to present offers, specials and various sales to potential customers as they browse for information.

What Have You Got To Lose?

Not very many people in business have said they don’t want extra business. So if you own a small business in Sydney, or anywhere in Australia, and want to get more out of your website and online presence, then take note… an important way to increase your customer base is through a properly set up online marketing plan. And an easy way to start this is to claim and set up your Google business page, linked to your website, which will strengthen your presence on the internet to help potential customers find you as they search.

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