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Importance Of Communicating Business Changes Due To Covid

Do you need to communicate business changes on your website, social media, or other platforms due to Covid restrictions?

Communicating Business Changes Due To Covid

With new Covid restrictions in place, it has changed how many businesses are able to keep serving their customers.

Keeping your customers informed about the changes regarding how you can best serve them during these difficult times is important.

However, many businesses are so busy surviving that they forget the importance of communicating business changes to their customers.

Here we look at some of the things all businesses should consider communicating to their customers during these challenging times.

What Changes Are Required?

Of course, businesses serve customers in many different ways… so the changes affect businesses differently. However, some things you may want to let customers know about are:

  • Has your business temporarily closed?
  • Have you stopped seeing customers face-to-face for the time being?
  • Have you changed business operating hours, or days that you are open?
  • Has your product/service availability changed?
  • How you serve customers… do you offer curb-side pick-up or click-and-collect?
  • Do you now offer home-delivery or takeaway?
  • Do you require that customers have not been in a red zone recently, or haven’t been overseas?
  • Do customers need to sanitise their hands and wear face masks on entry?
  • Do you ensure that all equipment is sanitised between clients/patients?

As you can see, the way businesses have changed serving their customers due to restrictions is varied, so it is confusing for customers as well as businesses. And this is why it is important to communicate this to your customers, so they know how you are operating during these changing times.

Why Is It Important To Communicate Changes Due To Covid?

Customers need to feel confident that your business has their best interests at heart. They want to feel that they can use your business services safely. They also don’t want to be inconvenienced by thinking that you are offering products and services that you may not be at present.

Giving customers this certainty will go a long way at the moment.

If you want to convey changes, or even just the current status, of your business to customers, then you may want to consider the following when sending your message:

Consistent Message

Most businesses have multiple communication channels that customers may see and use. You need to have an accurate, clear, timely, and consistent message across these channels for it to be effective.

Your Staff

Since your staff are also in communication with customers, they should also have a good understanding of the message.

Communication Platforms

Once you have a clear message that all your staff are across, then you can push it out onto platforms like:

  • Your business website – there are lots of things you can do with your website. Depending on your business and the changes, you could include:
    • adding a line or 2 on the homepage, in the header/footer so that it is on all pages,
    • add a pop-up with important messaging,
    • a new page outlining all the relevant information,
    • add live-chat functionality
  • Social media channels – you may need a few posts to convey the important changes that have happened. A regular social media posting schedule is good to advise customers that you are still open for business
  • Email correspondence and newsletters
  • SMS
  • Google Business Listing – since so many of us use Google to search for business information, it’s important to keep your listing updated.

Depending on the platform, it may also be worthwhile sending your message multiple times to ensure that the message is received. You then will need to be ready to answer any questions that come in, and update your message as required if and when further changes are made, or if something is not 100% clear.

Wrapping Up

This is a challenging time for many people and businesses. By looking after your customers, they will feel more confident when they want to use your services, which will help to build loyalty and trust.

If you need any changes made to your website, or would like help with your marketing messages, to communicate how your business is handling the restrictions and the way you interact with customers, we can help.

We are open to help support your business, so if you need help communicating business changes during these difficult times, contact us for more information.

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