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Website Maintenance: Should I Manage My Own Website?

Website Maintenance tasks
Website maintenance is a specialised business. If you want your website to work optimally and display your products and services professionally, then you may want to consider using a professional to care for your business website.

So you have a business website. It is your online presence that showcases your business to the world… and now that it is accessible to everyone on the internet, what do you do now?

You can’t just leave it alone and hope it will forever bring you customers and sales of the products you are promoting. Unfortunately, this is exactly what a lot of business owners do. It may save them some money in the short term, but there are many reasons why this is not necessarily the best strategy. Simply put… to get the best results, it has to be updated and maintained.

You can liken your website to your car… if you don’t maintain it regularly by servicing it, you will not be able to rely on it to get you from point A to point B. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that their website is a ‘set and forget’ business asset. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

To keep your website up and working so that it is displaying correctly when potential customers visit takes time and effort. But who is the best person to do this?

Caring For Your Business Website – Things To Consider…

Maintaining a Website Takes Time and Energy

There is a lot of information you need to know regarding how to maintain a website. This means that there will be a lot of technical tasks required to keep your website running smoothly. This is not the kind of thing you can pick up just by watching over someone’s shoulder for 15 minutes while they do it on their website, either.

The technical side of maintaining your website is often the most time-consuming. It may include but is not limited to various tasks such as:

  • Updating themes (the overall look and feel of your website)
  • Updating plugins (which add extra functionality to a website)
  • Testing website function after performing updates
  • Running and monitoring regular website backups
  • Monitoring for website security issues
  • Monitoring for website performance issues
  • Monitoring website downtime
  • etc, etc.

There is also the requirement of constantly updating the content (including posting new blog posts) or product/service details of your website.

If your business changes in any way, your website should reflect the changes and will require an update. This may include adding staff members, changing addresses, or opening hours.

Other activities that need to be done on a regular basis, and that you may require the assistance of a professional website development company, can be found here.

Are You The Best Person To Manage Your Site?

Unless you have been in the business of maintaining websites, you probably don’t have the expertise to know what to do if and when something goes wrong. If something does happen to go wrong, you can spend (literally) days trying to find a good trustworthy website developer to get your website back online and working as it should. With your website busily working and promoting your business to the world for you 24/7, can you really afford for it to go down for days at a time?

If you own or run a business, then you probably have a lot on your plate. As such, you probably don’t have the time to effectively manage and maintain your business website.

Should You Hire a Professional For Website Maintenance?

website maintenance
Engaging the help of experts in this area is a good choice because they understand the technical and practical side of keeping a website active better than anyone.

As we have just discussed, monthly website maintenance is very important for your small business website. Engaging the help of experts in this area is a good choice because they understand the technical and practical side of keeping a website active better than anyone because this is what they do for a living.

There are many benefits of having a properly maintained website, including monitoring and optimisation of:

  • loading time
  • uptime and downtime
  • website security
  • traffic and conversion performance
  • etc.

These can have an impact on how the search engines regard your site, and if it is not providing a good user experience, this can affect your rankings.

Since a professional website designer and developer may have done your initial website build, they know the history of why certain things are done in specific ways which can save time when making changes in the future. So it is good to build a relationship with an expert early on.

Besides the monitoring and maintenance tools, they may also have access to search engine optimisation tools that the average business owner has little time to learn or use for the best results.

Not only can an expert web designer and developer provide affordable website maintenance, but they can also advise you on how to utilise your website and online presence to better reach the customers and clients you are after. They can advise on changes that should be made as your site grows, analyse statistics, and add fresh content to maximise performance.

Here at SB Web Designs, we assist clients at all stages of their website development. We understand that you have better things to do than to spend time looking after your website. We aim to take away the hassle of having to care for your website, so you can spend your time on higher-value tasks.

Website Maintenance Workflow

The most logical solution for many business owners to keep their online presence functioning well and with up-to-date information is to let someone else take care of it. Naturally, there will be the cost of maintaining a website to consider, but in the long run, it is a good investment.

Website maintenance is a specialised business, and if you want your website to professionally represent your products/services then it is wise to turn to a professional web developer to keep it up-to-date and operational.

Our aim is to manage this process for you. As well as designing and developing websites, we also:

  • Update the website regularly with on-site and off-site backups
  • Perform daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance tasks, and check the website after updating to find any issues
  • Record all updates to help identify any problems, and quickly and easily revert back if required
  • Set up performance, security, and uptime monitoring scans to pick up problems early
  • Provide a monthly maintenance and performance report.

Any maintenance issues are identified quickly and addressed ASAP.

For more information on our website care plans, click here.

The Cost Of Monthly Website Maintenance – Is It Worth the Expense?

What you will spend on website maintenance will depend on many factors. The volume of information requiring updating, how often updates are rolled out and required, and what elements require updating will all have a bearing on the cost.

However, if you are like many small business owners, you probably have enough on your plate without having to know the minute and specific details of website maintenance. Your time is most probably better spent running your business, instead of running your website.

If you manage your website and something goes wrong, would you know what to do? Where do you start? When did the problem start? What caused the problem? Who do you call?

If you just identified a problem but don’t regularly do thorough checks, the issue may have been present for a long time. Simply doing a restore to a previous version (if you have an old backup) may fix the problem, but how far back do you go? If you restore from an old backup, will you lose content changes, customer information, sales information, etc?

If something does go wrong, there is a good chance it may affect the look and functionality of your website, and your customers will notice. Not only this, but the search engines will notice and can penalise your website. And the longer it goes on, the worse your site (and your reputation) can be affected.

Another option is to get someone in to fix the issues if and when you find them. It could take you days to find someone, and since you have never used them before how can you trust them? Then (like all emergency work), you will probably be charged a small fortune. Like maintaining your car, regular care and maintenance minimises the risk and often works out cheaper in the long run.

Maintaining your own website may cost you more than you think!

If your website is being maintained on a care plan such as the ones we offer, the risks of things going wrong, or going unnoticed, are minimised. This means that you can rely on your website to work and highlight your business, meaning one less thing for you to worry about.

Should You Maintain Your Website?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep a tight grip on how your business is being projected to others online. There are parts of a website you could very easily take care of, such as blog writing or product description details.

Still, your best option may be to send all that information to a professional who will make sure it is properly placed and formatted on the pages of your website. By working together and forging a partnership with a web developer, your business will not suffer from a poorly maintained website.

You will also be able to rest easy knowing you have a professional on the project, instead of worrying about and trying to juggle website maintenance and update tasks with the workload of running your business.

So why not focus your time and energy on what you specialise in, and let someone like us handle what we do best. We have website care plans specially designed to take the hassle out of looking after your website. This can potentially save your business lost leads and sales.

If you would like to know more about how we can save you time and effort in maintaining your WordPress website, then get in touch with us.

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