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Why SEO For Small Business Is Critical

SEO for small business is essential

There was once a time when customers would turn to the phone book to find your business. With everyone now electronically connected, SEO for small businesses is essential in gaining new leads and business, and to build authority and trust in your industry and location.

So just what exactly is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation”, which is essentially a means of getting more traffic to your website by making changes so that the search engines (such as Google) will rank you higher in their listings for certain search terms.

Is SEO For Small Business Websites That Important?

You may be sitting there wondering why SEO for small businesses is so important. Firstly let’s look at your own browsing experience.

When you look for information or search for a service, what do you do? If you are like me, then you probably jump onto Google and look at the businesses on the first page of Google. Or do you keep searching right through until page 10 in the listings? By the time customers have gotten to the second page of a Google search, often they have already gone past most of the relevant information and will struggle to find anything of relevance to them or their needs.

Even if the pages on page 10 of Google are relevant, are you really going to search down that far, if there are other relevant sites on page 1 or 2?

As the owner of a small business website, you need the content of your site to be relevant to what you do, and to what people are searching for. It is important for your website to be ranking at the top of search engines such as Google.

So if you aren’t on that top page of the Google search results…

How do you expect your potential customers and clients to be able to find you?

But having relevant content on your site is only 1 part of the SEO equation.

There are many ways to make your website more SEO-friendly. Some of the main points include:

  1. Ensuring your website is accessible on all devices; or in other words, make sure it is a mobile friendly web design, where potential customers and clients can easily view your website on their computer, their tablet, their phone or any other device. A well-designed website that is viewable on all browsers and devices will keep people on your website. A website that isn’t well designed or loads slowly will rank lower with search engines. This is why it’s a great idea to use local SEO companies to design and optimise your website.
  2. An important part of SEO for small business is incorporating social media into your web design. If you don’t already have social media accounts such as Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook, now is the time to start. Not only do potential customers and clients then have the ability to interact with you on another level, search engines often value the addition of social media elements. They look at how often you interact with your audience, and the number of shares and likes your posts get, and factor this in to ascertain how much of an authority you are in your niche, and rank your website accordingly.
  3. One of the most important parts of SEO is using relevant keywords. If you run an express group fitness class in the Sydney CBD for busy office workers, you don’t want to be using keywords that mean nothing to your business, such as dog training. Your local SEO companies can do the keyword research for your industry and location, and provide you with a selected list of relevant keywords that aren’t too specific (so that no-one is searching for them), or too broad (so that they have a lot of competition) – the point of keyword usage is using relevant words that people search for regularly, but that you will also be able to have a reasonable chance of ranking for in the search engines.

So What About Mobile Friendly Web Design?

So these are some of the basics to help make your small business website SEO friendly. However, you may still be wondering how you would make your site a mobile-friendly website design.

When going about improving SEO for small business websites, many businesses forget about making their website mobile-friendly. Making a website mobile-friendly really does come down to the technical work behind it – the layout & structure, the fonts sizes, links, etc.

If you are serious about SEO for small business websites to help your business get the best results it can get, this area is best left to a web design specialist, as it can involve redesigning your old, dated site by using the latest standards and techniques to make your site work on all devices and browsers.

Which Local SEO Companies Do You Use?

If your business website needs to be updated to a mobile-friendly website design, or your need to incorporate some of the SEO for small business elements on your website, contact your local SEO companies to find out the benefits they can bring to your business.

There are many local SEO companies out there who can help you tailor your current website with the latest SEO techniques, as well as updating your website with a mobile-friendly web design. But it is hard to know who to use, or who to trust.

We work with small businesses all over Australia but specialise in working with small businesses in the inner west of Sydney. We are based in Concord West, and if you are nearby we would be more than happy to meet up and have a chat about your business and website requirements.

So if you need a hand, or would like to have a chat, please feel free to contact us today.

About Brendan

Brendan Hones is a digital marketing consultant and website designer and developer at SB Web Designs. He loves helping business owners take control of and improve their online presence to help their business grow. He is passionate about SEO and helping others to learn more through WordPress training.

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