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How to post an article on your WordPress website

In this video I run through how to add a blog post or article to your WordPress site.

The main things to look out for and steps to follow when you post an article are –

  • Go to Posts – Add New
  • Copy the title into the “Enter title here” section of the “Add New Post” page
  • Copy the article body into the main text window
  • Look for any formatting changes required (eg. Change sub-headings to H2 or H3)
  • Insert internal links (to other pages on your site) and external links (to other websites)
  • Add images by selecting where on the page you would like, then go to “Add Media”. Select if you would like the image on the right, left, etc.
  • Once the image is inserted on the page, add the caption, title, alt text
  • If you have an SEO plugin installed, add the Meta Title, Description & Keywords
  • Set the Featured Image (this will generally be (one of) the image(s) within the body of the post)
  • Add Tags, and assign the appropriate Category (depending on how your WordPress website is set up, assigning a category can change the Permalink (post URL), so make sure this is set before you publish your post)
  • Preview the post before publishing, so that you are sure everything looks ok
  • When you are happy with the look, then click Publish

Tip: If you are making a lot of changes, or if you start loading your post in and then get busy doing something else, it is always good to “Save Draft”, so that all your work is saved, without publishing your post.

If you have any comments or feedback, please add them in the comments section below.

About Brendan

Brendan Hones is a digital marketing consultant and website designer and developer at SB Web Designs. He loves helping business owners take control of and improve their online presence to help their business grow. He is passionate about SEO and helping others to learn more through WordPress training.

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