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[Video Tutorial] Analysing Stats – Google Analytics

Analysing Stats using Google Analytics

Analysing Stats using Google Analytics

Monitoring the stats and how visitors use your site is critical to getting the most out of your site. It is amazing how many website owners have no idea about how much traffic their website carries.

By analysing your website stats, you can learn –

  • a lot about where your traffic is coming from
  • which pages are the most popular
  • how long is spent on each page
  • whether visitors are just arriving on 1 page, and then clicking off, or are going deeper into your site.

And the best part is that many of these tools are easy to set up and free to use.

One of the main tool used is Google Analytics (aka GA). All you have to do is sign in and get a small piece of tracking code, and install it onto your site, and the stats will start to appear in GA.

Providing visitors with a good user experience should be the priority, and this is all tracked by Google. If Google sees that users click around to many pages and spend time on your site, then this is generally a good thing, and you can be ranked higher.

However if the opposite is true, and visitors come to your site and think “this is not good quality” or “this is not the information I am after”, visitors will quickly leave. This is referred to as a bounce, when a user bounces off your page. Google also notices and this can affect your rankings.

You can monitor your time on page and bounce rate by looking at your Google Analytics stats. Here is the link to GA…

Some important stats to check for your site include:

  • Audience – Overview
  • Audience – Geo – Location
  • Acquisition – All Traffic – Channels
  • Behavior – Site Content – All Pages

So install Google Analytics onto your site, and start monitoring the traffic on your site, and make changes with the aim to improve the metrics shown in Analytics.

Check out the video below for more information…

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