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[Video Tutorial] Analyse Your Website Speed – GTMetrix

Analyse website speed using GTMetrix

Analyse your website speed and make it load faster using GTMetrix.

It is important to have a fast loading website. Google loves sites that provide a good user experience, and if a visitor is left waiting and waiting and waiting for a site to load, they will just click off to another site. This amount of time that your website takes to load will be monitored by the search engines and can have an affect your rankings.

There are many things that you can do to improve the performance of your site, including –

  • Optimising the size of images
  • Using caching plugins
  • Minimising the requests to other websites from your site
  • Using a CDN (content delivery network), so that your site is stored nearby to the visitor’s location
  • Minimising the code on your site, etc, etc.

Here is the link to a tool that you can use to measure how fast your site loads, and it also gives suggestions of what needs to be fixed and improved to help your site load faster – GTMetrix…

Check it out to see how fast your website is, and whether it needs some attention to get it loading and ranking better.

Analysing Your Website Speed – What To Look For

Analysing the results of the GTMetrix report can get quite technical, however, it will also give your site some stats that provides a general idea of how your web page is performing… ie.

  • Performance Scores (the higher %, the better), and
  • Page Details (the lower, the better)

Below this section of the report is a breakdown of what the tool has analysed, and exactly what the tool found that could be improved upon to give better performance.

If you see low Performance Scores, as well as high Page Details (generally indicated in red), then you may have some work to do. If all indicators look good and are in green, then you should be pretty right.

Note that this does not analyse your whole site – the scan is just on the page that you entered (in the “Enter URL to Analyze” section).

If you see that there are some issues with your site, and you are technically-minded, then this report gives you a good starting point to make some changes. However, if updating your own website is not your forte, then at least you know some work is required and you can work with your techie to get your website performing better.

Check out the video below for more information…

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