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Steps To Adding A New User to Your WordPress Website

You may need to give different users different levels of access to your WordPress website.

You may need to give different users different levels of access to your WordPress website.

With your website, you may have a need to give different people access to your site. For instance, you may need someone to have full access if they are working on the site, while someone simply adding a blog post may not need the same access requirements (eg. they do not need to access everything such as modifying the home page or menus),

In WordPress, you can assign different roles to different people depending on their requirements. This helps with security, and means that people can’t “accidentally” change/break things.

Below are the different roles (for more information on WordPress Roles & Capabilities, click here):
• Super Admin – has access to site network administrator features and all other features
• Administrator – has access to all administrator features within a single site
• Editor – can publish and manage post their own posts and other users’ posts
• Author – can publish and manage post their own posts
• Contributor – can write and manage post but cannot publish them
• Subscriber – can only manage their profile

To add a new user on your WordPress site, simply click on Users » Add New and fill out the details. Fill in the username and email address which is required. For thefirst name, last name, and the website, you can enter their details or leave it blank. Enter a password, or you can use the password generator for this purpose, but make sure the password is strong.

Under the password you can check the “Send user notification” and assign the role. After filling in the needed info, just click on “add new user”. If you have checked “Send user notification”,the new user will receive a notification regarding their login information at the email address you just entered.

You can add, remove, and change the user role. You can also display the author’s bio and the author’s list on your website.

So it is pretty easy to give new users access to your WordPress website. If you have any comments, just leave them below. And make sure to stay tuned for more upcoming tutorials.


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