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13 Top Lead Magnet Ideas

lead magnet ideas

Every business owner wants to see an increase in sales. But in order to do this, you need to have more customers. One of the most effective ways to turn casual visitors to your website into customers (referred to as conversions) is through lead magnets.

Lead magnet ideas come in many different forms and formats. Generally speaking, a lead magnet is an offer or incentive that you provide through your website. If the offer is attractive enough, you will receive sign-ups or opt-ins from website visitors. They receive a handy piece of information (guide, checklist, etc, which we look at more closely below) in exchange for their contact details (generally a name, email, and/or phone number).

Once a website visitor takes you up on your incentive, they are added to your email list and then have the opportunity to build your relationship with them and also market to them directly. Because they have signed up and showed interest in what you have to offer, they are likely to be a much warmer lead.

By building that relationship, you build trust. So even though the visitor may not have been ready to buy when they first came to your website, it means that you can be top of mind when they are ready.

As a lead, you can now concentrate your efforts on converting them into loyal customers. So in other words, you are using this free giveaway to attract business – like a magnet.

Facts About Lead Magnets

Because lead magnets are available in so many different formats, they provide you with a great deal of flexibility and opportunity. Lead magnets work to bring you a lot of potential new customers. They are also very easy to create and manage.

The best lead magnets are on specific topics of interest to those already visiting your website. This means the topic you choose should have a connection to your product or service. Plus, shorter is generally better. A small, easily consumed and value-adding lead magnet will be more effective.

Lead Magnet Ideas To Consider

lead magnet
Lead magnets is one of the most effective ways to turn casual visitors to your website into customers.

When it comes to lead magnets, you have to put consideration into the format that may best suit your audience. It could be something that is a printable document to be referenced offline or it could be a video. Using more than one format is good but try to space the offers out at different times. Test and measure what works best.

With this in mind, here are some ideas to inspire you:

1.  How-To Guide or eBook

You’ve likely seen these. A short, concise, and easy-to-read ‘how-to’ guide or eBook that can be downloaded in PDF format is one of the most well-known of the lead magnets. It does not need to be expansive in size, but it does have to provide some good information that the reader can learn something from.

The way in which a ‘how-to’ download works is that it offers your website visitors something extra about a subject already featured on your site. It has to tie into your product or service to be effective and show how to do something for less money or time to make it worth downloading.

2.  Checklists

Again, when you offer something that can teach a better way to do something, you have a good lead magnet. Checklists for just about anything are useful in this way. The best ones focus on improving organisational skills with little effort required.

3.  Essential __________ List

Any kind of list that can be considered value-added is a worthwhile lead magnet. It can be a list of items needed to make something or do something. Whatever the topic, when it ties into your product you have a valuable tool to reach potential customers.

4.  Planning Calendar

This one can take on several different formats and can be effective with each. A calendar that has tips or schedules related to your website is a perfect lead magnet.

If you have a garden site, a planting calendar would be the specific topic to win favour with your followers.

5.  Discount Coupons

Consumers always like to find special deals when they shop. If your business or product is retail-based, a popular lead magnet you can try is downloadable coupons. They are great because they can introduce new customers to try your product and they also reward loyal followers.

The kind of saving or discount coupon to use is limited only by your imagination. It can be a percentage saving off of regular price or it can be for something free when a specific item is purchased. Free shipping for online orders is another coupon possibility.

6.  Quiz or Poll

A quick and easy way to generate leads is to have an online quiz or poll for website visitors to respond to. It can be a fun or serious topic that aligns with your brand. The only way they can see the results is if they include their email address.

7.  Giveaways

Contests and sweepstakes that have a desirable prize offered as part of a giveaway is always a popular choice. It generates entries where email addresses are included and gives you a lot of leads in a short period of time. Everybody likes winning free stuff!

8.  Free Samples

There are several kinds of freebies that can be offered aside from the ones already listed above. If you have a free sample of a product that can be downloaded (as in an app or online tool/file) or a suitable physical product, this may be of interest to followers.

9.  Free Trial

Another way to reach potential customers is by offering a product that has a limited-time free trial attached to it. This can be an ideal way to reach customers if the product is software-based. You can also ask for feedback after the trial period ends.

10.  Webinar

Audio files are excellent lead magnets. You can provide access to a pre-recorded webinar or workshop that was created just for this purpose. It gives your audience a bit of a look at your personality and you get to explain and share something that does not have to be read.

11.  Free Tickets

This is one of those ideas that work best if your followers are local or at least regional. A free ticket to a local event, celebration, or even an event your business is sponsoring is a good magnet. Again, it works because people like free things.

12.  Video Course

Another way to connect on a personal level and show that you are real is through video. You can provide a free video course or a one-time video workshop to website visitors interested in learning more about your niche or product.

13.  One-On-One

If your business is related to self-help, self-improvement, or is service-based, offering a free consultation with you or one of the experts on your team is a perfect fit for a lead magnet. It can be a timed live event via Skype or any other live video platform to be effective.

Where this specific magnet works is that it creates a bond of sorts with the recipient of the consultation which will create a buzz in itself. You could offer these frequently as a monthly incentive or loyalty reward for those who follow you online.

What Lead Magnets Are Not

When you design your lead magnet, be careful in what you actually ‘give away’ in the offer. The lead magnet is supposed to ‘tease’ your followers into digging deeper into your website or business to find out more about it. What you are looking for is leads to follow up on to make a sale.

If you give away your actual product in a lead magnet offer, you defeat the whole idea behind generating sales leads. Think of the lead magnet as a way to get their attention and to start the conversation at a later time through follow-up methods.

However, it is very important that your offer must have value. If it doesn’t, then the lead will not see you as trustworthy and may have a sense of being ripped-off… ie. They did not get value for handing over their personal details.

Consumers are wise to many different kinds of internet tricks designed to get their information. This is why your lead magnets must be legitimate, legal, and honest to bring you any kind of return. Lead magnets work if they are done properly.

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