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Importance of Website Maintenance

importance of website maintenance

Once you own a website, you have to take care of it. You can’t just launch it and then let it sit on the internet forever without some attention. The importance of website maintenance is an often-overlooked aspect of owning a website.

Many website owners think that once the website is launched, that is all that is required, but without regular maintenance, your flash, new website can start to cause you more problems that you might imagine.

Here we look at why website maintenance is important and some of the best options to keep your website maintained.

Why Do You Have To Have Your Website Maintained?

Sure, a new website can do wonders for your business or service in reaching new customers and clients, but after a while, that new website gets a bit old and needs some attention. And just like anything else, to keep it operating smoothly and without issue, you have to give your website a tune-up here and there.

There are a few key components come into play with regular website maintenance. These include:

To Keep Your Website Secure

This is probably the most important reason why you should have your website maintained regularly. If your website runs on a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal, you must keep it up to date to minimise security risks. Updates are released frequently and contain software patches and security updates.

By not keeping your website as up to date as possible, you run the risk of creating a weak spot for hackers to attack. Any website security breach can result in downtime, loss of sales or damage to your reputation. Website maintenance can prevent this from occurring by keeping your site secure.

To Increase Traffic

Website maintenance can help with Search Engine rankings. When your website ranks better, it receives more traffic. But this doesn’t happen all by itself. Your website needs regular updates and maintenance to earn a better ranking.

This includes keyword research, creating relevant content that adds value to its readers, and adding new content regularly. It also means fixing problems on your website like broken links, the removal of duplicate content, updating contact details, keeping your website clean from malware, improving website page loading speed, etc.

To Improve UX

The user experience (UX) on your website can have a significant effect on how long a visitor stays on your site and whether they will come back again. If the website is clunky or has navigation that is hard to get around, some users will just navigate to another site to find the information they are after, never to be seen again. The same applies if the site looks old and as if it has never been updated in a long time.

Your website is a tool to engage with your customers and is the 1st impression many people will have of your business, so its critical that users have a good experience.

Other Benefits of Website Maintenance

Several other benefits come from regularly maintaining your website. They include:

It Builds Trust

A website that loads fast, has no issues, looks professional, and has all the right kind of information visitors are looking for builds trust in your brand. When your website visitors trust your brand, they are more likely to return and support your business.

It Improves Your SEO

A well-functioning website is the foundation of a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. Page speed and providing a good user experience are metrics Google uses in website ranking.

It Gives You A Competitive Edge

By having a system that includes regular website maintenance, you are more likely to be able to identify and fix any issues more quickly than websites that are not maintained. This means that your website will have an advantage over your competitors that do not utilise regular maintenance.

Why Website Maintenance Is Not A DIY Option

Sure, there are many aspects of a website you may be able to handle on your own. However, there are website tasks that are best left with the professionals. Updates may sound simple enough, but it is also easy for things to go wrong which could result in your website not displaying correctly, or worst still, not at all. This could mean you have to pay someone high fees to urgently get your website back up and running properly.

It would be just a lot easier in the long run to just pay someone – a website professional – to keep your site maintained instead of coming in when you need something fixed. When you attempt to work on tasks that are a bit out of your area of expertise, you risk causing further damage. It is always best to leave website maintenance to a professional.

In Conclusion

A website is not something you just launch and set and forget. It requires regular attention. That attention ranges from regular security and software updates to adding new content, repairing broken links, removing outdated content, tweaking SEO, and so much more.

Being a busy business owner, often the last thing you need is to add the additional responsibilities of website maintenance to your daily tasks. The importance of website maintenance is often misunderstood by business owners. So leave it to a professional who will keep your website running smoothly and effectively.

About Brendan

Brendan Hones is a digital marketing consultant and website designer and developer at SB Web Designs. He loves helping business owners take control of and improve their online presence to help their business grow. He is passionate about SEO and helping others to learn more through WordPress training.

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