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Backing Up Your WordPress Website Using UpdraftPlus

Backing up your WordPress website
Backing up your WordPress website is a critical and often overlooked part of website security and maintenance.

We have all heard that we need to back up the information on our computer in the unfortunate case that if something goes wrong, we can still get access to our valuable information. Well, your website is also a valuable resource, and things can go wrong with it too, meaning that it is always recommended to have a recent backup safely stored away to ensure that you can get it back up and working if something unforeseen happens.

Your WordPress website and database contains lots of information including your themes, plugins, pages, posts, file downloads, comments, etc. and you need a proper backup to make sure that you do not lose everything if your website or database gets corrupted, erased, or hacked.

Unfortunately backing up a PC can sometimes be a quite slow and cumbersome process. But backing up your website can be easily automated, meaning that you don’t need to think or worry about it. Best of all, there are some great free options to choose from.

If you have made changes to your WordPress website, such as changing a post or updating your WordPress plugins or theme and you are having problems and can’t seem to find the solution, or something else goes wrong and you need to revert the site back to a known working configuration, one tool that is good to use in this situation is the UpdraftPlus WordPress backup & restore plugin.

Note, however, that this only works provided you have UpdraftPlus already installed, with backups already run and saved. If you don’t have a backup and something goes wrong, restoring can be a very difficult process.

Why Use UpdraftPlus To Backup Your Website

UpdraftPlus is a good plugin for backing up your WordPress website. It is pretty easy to use and user-friendly as well. You can run manual backups (eg. If you are about to make a change such as adding/modifying/deleting content or updating a theme or plugin, you can back up your website immediately), or run backups automatically (eg. scheduled to run once per week). You can also store your backups on your hosting server, or on remote storage such as Dropbox or Amazon S3.

It is a good idea to save your website backup to remote storage so that if anything happens with your hosting, you have a safe copy of your website in a totally separate location, from which you can then restore your site. Just make sure that you connect and authenticate your remote storage to allow UpdraftPlus to safely store your files (make sure that your PC is connected to Dropbox before you attempt to authenticate UpdraftPlus with Dropbox).

There are free or paid options for this plugin, however, the free option will be sufficient for most small business usage.

Backing up can take some time (eg. anywhere from a few minutes up to ~20 mins) depending on your hosting server configuration and the size of your website. When a backup is in progress, you can see the progress status from the UpdraftPlus Backup/Restore “Current Status” window.

Backing up your WordPress website is a critical and often overlooked part of website security and maintenance. But with tools like UpdraftPlus, the whole process is made very easy, so you really do not have any excuse not to set something like this up.

We actually recommend backing up using multiple systems, such as using a plugin like UpdraftPlus, as well as at least 1 or possibly 2 alternative systems (eg. your website hosting company may provide a separate off-site backup service – depending on your plan). If you are on one of our website care plans, we backup using multiple systems to provide extra protection in case anything goes wrong.

What Is Your WordPress Website Backup Preference?

There are also many other tools (both free and paid) that you can use to back up your website, and they all have their good and bad points. I like and use UpdraftPlus, but if you have a preference for others, then let me know what it is and why in the comments section below.

If you have any other comments or questions, please let me know in the comments section below.

Make sure that you check out the short video below as I outline how to use UpdraftPlus to back up your WordPress website…

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