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Website development, SEO, Google my business listing in Concord, Sydney NSW
Website development, SEO strategies, and Google My Business listings all help to maximise your online presence.

According to Search Engine Journal in April 2012 the majority of the search engine share, an estimated 65 to 70%, is owned by Google. At that time an estimated 88.1% of internet users aged 14 and older in the USA were using the internet to browse and research products. In 2010 a quarter of all purchases made in the United States on mobile devices resulted from online searches with 82.6% of all internet users finding things online through searches.

And since then internet usage and mobile search traffic have grown rapidly, with no signs of it slowing down any time soon.

These are some reasons why you need to have a search engine optimised, mobile-friendly website. Combined with a Google My Business page you will not only be able to engage with existing customers, you will reach new customers. Many of those may never have found your business without an online presence.

What About SEO?

Much of website development today is targeted at attracting traffic from search engines. Without search engines knowing about your website, potential customers won’t either. This is why it is so important to implement effective SEO strategies because if no-one can find your website, it is basically useless.

There are many factors that go into SEO, including both on-page and off-page techniques.

One of the most important points of all SEO is keywords. Keyword usage is of the utmost importance within the titles, headings, body content, URLs, filenames, images, and meta tags; all playing a part in optimising your site so that it is search engines friendly.

On top of this, a basic but often overlooked technique is to optimise your images. You use optimised images not only help load pages quicker on handheld devices, but they also let Google know what the images are about. It is from those details that search engines match your website to queries entered by internet users when they are searching for specific information.

SEO is an art in itself, with a range of methods that can be used from basic right through to very complex. For some more SEO tips, click here.

Google My Business Listing

Adding a Google My Business page as part of your online marketing plan makes good sense. It can be used to link directly to your website for those seeking more information on your product or service. A proper Google My Business page can introduce potential customers to your business faster than any form of marketing because they are often ranked very highly in Google search results. With the increased number of searches being performed by customers to research products and services before purchasing, this may be your first connection with many new customers, so it is important to get this set up correctly.

So as you can see, there are many different areas that have to be undertaken in the online space to effectively reach your potential customers. It can be overwhelming when there is so much to do, especially when you don’t know where to start. And when not done right, you can actually do more damage than good, and be penalised by the search engines for trying to “game” the system.

Statistics show that with the majority of online users turning to the web for just about anything, without a website you are sending potential business to your competition. So make sure that you are not being left behind in this changing environment.

We can help to make it easy for you to get the most out of your small business online presence. Whether it is creating a website, updating your existing website, providing guidance with SEO services, or creating your Google My Business listing, contact us today to discuss our affordable website development packages.

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Brendan Hones is a digital marketing consultant and website designer and developer at SB Web Designs. He loves helping business owners take control of and improve their online presence to help their business grow. He is passionate about SEO and helping others to learn more through WordPress training.

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