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Is Mobile-Friendly Website Design Important?

mobile friendly website design

A mobile-friendly website design is important in today’s world of fast-moving technology and mobile devices.

When running your own business, it is important to know whether you have a mobile friendly website design.


In today’s world of mobile technology, it is more important than ever for your customers, both current and potential, to know where you are located, what your open hours are, and what you sell; and it is important for them to have this information at their fingertips. And with more and more internet searches being performed on mobile devices, business owners have to ensure their websites cater to these devices.

Often, you can quickly tell if a website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly design – the text is small, you have to scroll sideways to see all the information and the links are small and are difficult to click on. If you come across a website like this, you’d probably click back to your original search and look for another business’ website that is easier to use.

One major reason why having a mobile-friendly website design is important involves your Google rankings. Google recently changed its methods of ranking a website, and now having a mobile-friendly website design can boost your Google rankings above a non-mobile friendly website when being searched on a mobile device. Essentially this means that, when searching for your business on a mobile device, if your website design isn’t mobile friendly, you can be pushed down the rankings below your competitors’ websites.

There are of course other reasons why a mobile-friendly website design is important. These include readability; you don’t want your potential customers having to scroll and move their screen around all over the place just to get your information.

You also don’t want images and text overlapping so that content is difficult to see clearly. In addition to this, if your potential customers can’t click on your links or easily click to other pages, they are likely to leave your website.

How easy your website is to use is very important, so we’ve provided more information on this below.

Is My Website Mobile-Friendly?

Are you left asking “is my site mobile friendly”? Before spending a lot of time making your site mobile friendly, you, of course, need to know that there are ways to check the mobile-friendliness of your website. There are two simple ways to tell whether your site is mobile friendly or if you need to do some work on it.

Firstly, you can use a site such as Google’s Mobile-Friendly test where you simply plug in your website. This only checks the page that you enter, but is a very easy (and free) way to check your website from Google’s perspective.

Another method to do a quick check is to resize your browser window to see how your page looks. If the text is hard to read, images and text overlap, you have to scroll the page to the right and left to read each line, or if the links on the page are not easy to click, then your page may not be mobile responsive.

Readability is a big thing when it comes to building a mobile-friendly website design. A website that is specifically designed for mobile devices will be easy to read, with no need to scroll from side to side, or zoom in or zoom out to read the information or click on the links. As soon as your customers need to do this, they will start clicking off your website and into your competitors’ websites.

Many older websites were designed for clicking on links on each page with a mouse on a large computer screen. Once scaled down to fit on a mobile device, you need to ensure these links are still accessible, and that they aren’t located too closely together.

How often have you gone to a website that is not mobile responsive, and had to scroll left to right to read each paragraph, and zoom in to click the correct links on a page?

It is easy to get frustrated when you can’t easily get the information you want, especially when on a mobile device, so it’s easy to understand that your potential customers will start clicking back off your website and onto another if your site is not user-friendly.

Choosing The Best Website Design For Your Business

A big keyword when choosing a great mobile website design is responsiveness. This means that your website responds to the type of device being used. These generally look better on a mobile because columns, images, and the general layout can change to suit the device. But how do you go about choosing the best mobile website design while keeping your non-mobile device customers happy?

There are generally only two real options in creating a mobile friendly website design for your business and of course each as its pros and cons.

  • Creating an entirely unique website for mobile devices (these will commonly be seen with the ‘m.’ prefix to the URL, such as
    • Designed specifically for mobile device screens (PRO)
    • Uses a smaller amount of bandwidth to allow for faster loading of information (PRO)
    • You have to maintain two websites (CON)
    • You must conduct SEO on both your desktop and mobile websites (CON)
    • Duplicate content which can affect your rankings in search engines (CON)
  • Re-designing your existing website to auto-adjust (responsive) to various devices:
    • One website which is able to adapt to different devices (PRO)
    • It is relatively easy to find suitable responsiveWordPress themes. The majority of all new WordPress themes are mobile responsive (PRO)
    • Site can be slower to load (CON)
    • If you have ads, sliders or other customisations on your website, these can break (CON)

There are many places to turn when looking to update your website to a mobile friendly website design; finding a good web designer is a key, especially one who knows the ins and outs of website design and search engine specifications.

If you don’t already have one, a mobile friendly website design is essential to running a business in today’s busy technology focused world. So if you haven’t done so already, make sure you test your website design today.

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