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how to resize images

Image Resizing – How To Resize Images

By Brendan | Jan 27, 2016

In the online world, whether it’s on our business website, blog, social media profiles, or email, we use images all the time to enhance the way we communicate. As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Sometimes even 1000 words can’t sum up what you want to say, and it’s impossible…

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Google My Business

How Google My Business Works

By Brendan | Jan 6, 2016

Have you thought about listing your business on Google My Business but really don’t understand the process or why it is so important to the ongoing success of your business? The first thing you need to know is just how important having a Google business page is. This can greatly impact your online presence –…

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how to post an article video

How to post an article on your WordPress website

By Brendan | Dec 16, 2015

In this video I run through how to add a blog post or article to your WordPress site. The main things to look out for and steps to follow when you post an article are – Go to Posts – Add New Copy the title into the “Enter title here” section of the “Add New Post”…

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Importance of Mobile-Friendly Website Design

By Brendan | Dec 9, 2015

In today’s age of smartphones and high-end mobile devices, having mobile-friendly websites is essential to the ongoing success of your business. With more and more people turning to use mobile devices, the ability to see your website correctly can make the difference between a potential customer staying on your website or going to your competitor’s…

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Why SEO For Small Business Is Critical

By Brendan | Nov 16, 2015

There was once a time when customers would turn to the phone book to find your business. With everyone now electronically connected, SEO for small businesses is essential in gaining new leads and business, and to build authority and trust in your industry and location. So just what exactly is SEO? SEO stands for “search…

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SEO Tips for Better Website Design

By Brendan | Nov 5, 2015

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is as important a part of your website design as the actual web address and content. Without various optimisation tricks and tools incorporated during website development, your site can suffer, or never reach its full potential. If search engines don’t find your website or choose not to display it in…

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How Important Is It To Have A Google Business Page?

By Brendan | Oct 22, 2015

Even with a dynamite website, it is important to have a Google business page. The Google My Business page, formerly known as Google Places, can have an incredible impact on the success of your business. It is becoming commonplace for websites to be linked to a business page in order to provide additional information, and…

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Why Build A Mobile Friendly Website?

By Brendan | Sep 23, 2015

A mobile-friendly website, also known as a mobile responsive website, is one that can be properly displayed on a handheld device. These devices include smartphones, tablets, and any other device that is smaller than a laptop computer. And we all know how popular these devices are becoming. If you already have a website that’s a…

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