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What Is Required To Set Up And Run A Website?

By Brendan | Mar 17, 2016

Many people jump in and think “A website will solve all my problems…”, without giving much thought to what is actually required. Before setting up a website, there are a number of different things that you need to consider. Some of these include: Domain name and registration Website hosting Platform Structure & layout Pages Security…

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How to Post a YouTube Video on Your WordPress Site

By Brendan | Mar 10, 2016

This article will show you how to post a YouTube video on your WordPress website. There are many different WordPress plugins that you can use, but in this video, I will show you how you can add them directly onto a post or page without using a plugin. Firstly, in YouTube you go to the…

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How Will You Promote Your Small Business Website?

By Brendan | Mar 3, 2016

Now that you have your shiny, new website up and running, you are ready to fling open the doors to your business and welcome in many new customers. But how are they going to know about your website? Many small business owners create a website, and then hope for the best. But if it is…

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Why Do You Need A Small Business Website?

By Brendan | Feb 25, 2016

Many small business owners either don’t have a website or do not get the most out of their online presence. This may be because they have been in the same location and have a big referral base, getting all their business by word-of-mouth. Or they know that they should be getting online, but they have…

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Steps To Adding A New User to Your WordPress Website

By Brendan | Feb 18, 2016

With your website, you may have a need to give different people access to your site. For instance, you may need someone to have full access if they are working on the site, while someone simply adding a blog post may not need the same access requirements (eg. they do not need to access everything…

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Creating, Modifying, and Deleting Links on a WordPress Site

By Brendan | Feb 11, 2016

When working with WordPress posts and pages, links are a way to inter-connect one post or page to another. Below are the steps to create, modify, or delete links in a WordPress post or page: The first thing to do is to navigate to the post or page you want to have your link created,…

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backing up your wordpress website

Backing Up Your WordPress Website Using UpdraftPlus

By Brendan | Feb 5, 2016

We have all heard that we need to back up the information on our computer in unfortunate case that if something goes wrong, we can still get access to our valuable information. Well, your website is also a valuable resource, and things can go wrong with it too, meaning that it is always recommended to…

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Modifying Menus on a WordPress Site

By Brendan | Feb 3, 2016

Menus are typically used to link to the most common and important pages and categories on a website, although you can create links to posts and create custom links to any page you like as well. The location of the menus depends on the themes. Typically the main menu is at the top or side…

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how to resize images

Image Resizing – How To Resize Images

By Brendan | Jan 27, 2016

In the online world, whether it’s on our business website, blog, social media profiles, or email, we use images all the time to enhance the way we communicate. As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Sometimes even 1000 words can’t sum up what you want to say, and it’s impossible…

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