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[Video Tutorial] Keywords and On-Page SEO

Keywords and On-Page SEO

We have already run through the use of the Google Keyword Planner in a previous video tutorial. So once you have decided what keywords you should be targeting, you need to know what to do with them. It is good practice to place keywords in the page title, headings (H1, H2, etc), alt text of images, Meta…

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[Video Tutorial] Keywords and the Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Most of us have heard of keywords and that they are important for your business website. By using the right keywords, it can help improve your search engine rankings, meaning more people will see your business in Google and be able to click through to your website, where you are given the opportunity to turn these…

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[Video Tutorial] Analyse Your Website Speed – GTMetrix

Analyse Your Site’s Speed – GTMetrix

It is important to have a fast loading website. Google loves sites that provide a good user experience, and if a visitor is left waiting and waiting and waiting for a site to load, they will just click off to another site. This amount of time that your website takes to load will be monitored by…

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[Video Tutorial] Analysing Stats – Google Analytics

Analysing Stats using Google Analytics

Monitoring the stats and how visitors use your site is critical to getting the most out of your site. It is amazing how many website owners have no idea about how much traffic their website carries. By analysing your website stats, you can learn – a lot about where your traffic is coming from which pages…

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The Best WordPress Plugins For A New Website

If you are just starting out with WordPress, you may not know which are the best WordPress plugins that you can use, or what plugins can actually do for your new website. With so many plugins available (almost 50,000 at last count), it can also be a bit daunting when looking through the WordPress plugin…

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Wix vs WordPress – Which is The Best Platform For Your Business?

When it comes to having an online presence, nothing beats a website for your business. However, there are a few options available to you. Probably the most common of those choices are WordPress and Wix. Both are described as website builders which have a lot of functionality that the average business owner can use to…

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Small Business Websites: Are You Winning Online?

small business web design

  We are funny creatures, us humans; even when looking at local small business websites online. I wanted to share an interesting story of my own unconscious habits. When I am not in work mode as a ‘web designer’ or online marketing specialist, but rather being a regular everyday consumer, it is interesting to note…

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How To Create CTA Buttons For Your Website

We know that it’s a good idea to have a purpose to each and every page on your website. And using call-to-action, or CTA buttons on your site is a good way to clearly tell visitors to your page what to do. A lot of WordPress themes these days have modules built-in whereby you can…

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Top 7 Website Design Mistakes

poor website design

There are thousands of websites that are launched each and every week. Because of the high volume of website launches and the increase in competition for website visitors, your website needs to stand out. A professional web designer can create the look and feel you need in order for your product or service to attract…

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What Are The Best Royalty Free Stock Photo Sites?

Building a website and creating the right visual image and brand can often be challenging. One of the largest hurdles encountered by web developers and website owners is where to source photos if they are not using their own. Even though the internet is largely an unregulated domain, one thing that is still protected by…

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