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10 Principles of Effective Website Design

effective website design

Business websites are so much more than just a place for online customers to locate your product or service. This is why the average web designer puts in many more hours than you may think to create the absolute best possible website for every client. However, what may look great on a computer or smartphone…

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How To Register a Domain Name and Set Up Hosting

domain name registration

Whether you are going to build your own website, or you are getting a professional to design and develop it for you, there are a couple of basic things that need to be completed before the website development work can begin. These include: Domain name registration, and Setting up website hosting. Here we provide a…

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Managing An Outsourcer – Tools Checklist

Outsourcing is the act of using a third-party to take care of a specific part of your business operation. The need to outsource can come from the company not being able to do the task with in-house staffing. Other times outsourcing is in response to a short-term tasking that would be easier to just delegate…

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8 Ways To Get Backlinks For Business Websites

The main goal of search engine optimisation techniques is to increase organic search traffic to your website. One of the oldest and most reliable ways to do this is through backlinking. This type of link building is where you increase links back to your website from other online sources. Google uses backlinks as a ranking…

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