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12 Top Blog Post Ideas

blog post ideas

As a website owner, you should know the importance of good quality content. You probably already have a number of great blog posts on your website. With all the other chores associated with keeping your website operating, coming up with great blog post ideas, and producing new content may not be a high priority.

What you need to remember is that in order to attract new traffic to your website, you need to keep producing fresh, relevant, and high-quality content. This gives the search engines something new to rank and is a very important part of on-page SEO. Your followers are probably expecting a recent blog post from you as well. But what if you just can’t think of something to write about this time around?

Here’s a handy list of a number of ways to create a new blog post. Obviously, not all these idea generation techniques will work in all industries, but it might just get you thinking about some ways to get you started:

Blog Post Ideas To Get You Started

1.  Write About Something You Know

Nothing gets attention like reading a blog post about someone’s actual experience with something. It can be a special skill you have or a place you visited. But instead of just telling your story about chainsaw art or vacationing in Peru, turn your knowledge into a blog post built around a list.

In other words, build the Top 10 Things To Do In Peru or 8 Best Chainsaw Art Designs as the foundation of your post. That way you can fill it out with your own experience and it will become a real credible reference blog.

2.  How-To Posts

We have all seen them… the “How To….” posts. They are popular because they work well. People searching the internet are after answers to their questions, so help them out by providing a good source of information. This positions you as an authority on the subject and builds trust in the readers of your post.

3.  A Case Study

Following on from the point above, you can go into details with a case study that outlines one of your client’s stories, including the problems they were having and how you solved it for them.

Case studies are great because visitors reading the post can often relate to the problems that you outline were experienced by your client, and it can also showcase your skills and expertise in the topic, positioning you as an authority on the subject.

4.  Share Some Encouragement

When you consider a number of negative posts already filling up the internet one way to stand out from the pack is to flip cynicism upside down and become an encourager. The best part is that you were very likely in that place where all you needed was a pat on the back and a kind word to get back on track.

You can use that memory to fuel your inner feelings and imagine writing your encouraging blog post to a younger version of yourself. Maybe there is someone else in your life that could use a bit of a boost. Use whatever you would say to them as the basis of your blog post.

5.  Take On A Specific Cause

creating a blog post
Blog post ideas such as taking on a specific cause can elevate your blog to new heights.

There is going to be an issue that many take for granted or actively promotes, but does not sit right with you. If your stance goes against the majority, this could be even better. Sometimes it almost does not matter so much what that cause is because what you want the blog post to reflect is that you are not afraid to go against the norm.

Oddly enough, people like to see others go against the grain. You may happen to inspire others who have been silent about their own personal belief to step out. In a way, you will become the catalyst for those who have kept quiet. This can elevate your blog to new heights.

6.  Book Lists

Even if you haven’t read very many books since launching your website, you probably have a bookshelf loaded up with a number of interesting titles in your niche. Your followers may be interested in discovering what your reading interests are. It can make you somewhat of an influencer as a result.

Take a look at your bookshelf or magazine rack. Pull out the first ten or so and put together a list of what you have been reading. Along with that, explain what you like about each title and before you know it, your blog post will be written.

7.  Answer A Simple Question

There has got to be a common question or two that has come up in conversation when talking to clients and customers. Something that you may have dismissed earlier as silly or too simple a question may actually be an interesting topic worth exploring further.

Sometimes we forget how much we know or how far we have come, so things that we now take for granted, other people may want to know. Often others may not ask some questions because they may not want to appear silly. Use this as the start of a blog and proceed to answer that question so someone gets the info they are after.

8.  The Controversial Blog Post

Sometimes you need to tackle something that isn’t pretty and can turn into a debate. This is a great way to get some of your website followers to interact with you as well as other readers. All you need to do is get the ball rolling with a blog post written about something considered a hot button issue.

Luckily for you, there is no shortage of topics to draw from in this particular vein. Be sure to take a strong enough stand that others will either rally behind you or take you on head first. A bit of controversy can generate a lot of traffic and get your website noticed.

9.  The Freebie

Here’s a twist. Depending on what your website is about, chances are you have a product that can be used as a giveaway. Even if you don’t, you can easily create something useful that can be offered for free to your website visitors. Think of ‘value-added’ to give you some direction.

Possibly you have a new product about to be launched or you have just written a short little guide on a subject related to your website. If you offer this item for free it will give your followers the sense that you care about them and their needs. Something free often equals extra attention.

10.  Take A Poll

quality content
Taking a poll can attract readers to your blog post.

Pick an alternative view on a current issue and go nuts with it. You can whip everyone into a frenzy by being a bit controversial and dumping a ticking time-bomb of a blog post onto your website. There’s no shortage of subjects ripe for the picking and turn them into an opinion poll.

What this does is it is another way to get your website visitors engaged with you only they just have to vote on a choice you provide. “Why I Actually Like President Trump” can turn into a timely piece of web traffic just because it’s current, different, and opinionated at the same time.

11.  Give Other Bloggers A Nod

There is something special about creating a list of your favourite blog posts written by other bloggers. Aside from the links you can build, you show visitors to your site a different side of yourself. They will appreciate the fact that you are willing to send them to other recommended sites.

The extra bonus to doing this is that you will be viewed as a sort of expert on other bloggers. Your followers will want to see what you are up to next because you recommend such incredible bloggers. Plus, some of those bloggers may even link back to your site, creating a win/win for both of you.

12.  Be Thankful

You can do this seasonally or less often if you’d like. But the key to the ‘thank you’ blog post is to keep it simple. Pick something you are thankful for. Maybe the plumber last week saved you a huge bill by finding a leak before it got serious. Maybe you just want to thank your followers.

Whatever you choose to be the target of your thankfulness, don’t drag it out into some kind of marathon post. In fact, what will make this concept stand out most is the least amount of words used. Make this your short post and it will come across more genuine and real.

Need More Blog Post Ideas?

Blogging takes a lot of work and creativity. Sometimes we just don’t have enough of that creative juice in us when it happens to be ‘Blog Writing Day’.

So, hopefully, these blog post ideas and suggestions will help inspire you to write that next best blog post that generates the kind of traffic you’ve been looking for.

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